Celebrate BEEF!  May is the kick-off of grilling season! Get those Burgers, Steaks and Kabobs on the grill and celebrate the savory season of summer grilling! Get Your Grill On Recipes:

NEW Salt FREE Spice Mix from NY Beef Council! 

Urban Cowboy! NY Beef Council's latest creation! Check out the newest and the past spices! Recipes

Beef Inspires Wellness

We join with American Heart Association to motivate and educate the community to adopt a heart healthy lifestyle. Learn more how lean beef supports a healthy diet.

Get Fit with the 30 Day Protein Challenge!

The 30 Day Protein Challenge is an exciting, easy-to-follow plan to add protein-rich foods to your daily life. Take control of your appetite and savor success. Find out more.


Farm to Food Bank 

The New York Beef Council is leading beef industry awareness month with the return of the “Farm to Food Bank” initiative to combat hunger.  

Meat Your Beef Farm Tours 

Who Should Attend? Are you in food service? Own or work in a restaurant kitchen? Registered Dietitian or other medical professions? Teacher? CCE or Ag & Market Partner? Join us! 


Check out these delicious Heart-Check recipes certified by American Heart Association as heart-healhthy!

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