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Still feeling a bit "Chili"?

Chill-Out Chili Spice Mix and Chili Recipe received RAVE reviews!  Give this NO SALT chili spice mix and recipe a try! You can only find it here! Chill-Out Recipe

Beef Inspires Wellness

We join with American Heart Association to motivate and educate the community to adopt a heart healthy lifestyle. Learn more how lean beef supports a healthy diet.

Up for a Protein Challenge?

The 30 Day Protein Challenge is an exciting, easy-to-follow plan to add protein-rich foods to your daily life. Take control of your appetite and savor success. Find out more.

Rub Me Tender:

See our latest rubs and marinades for you to try yourself...


Check out this great new film about the next generation of farmers and ranchers by award-winning director James Moll.


Commit to fitness

Certified Personal Trainer Kim Johnson of Paragon Athletic Club shows you body-toning exercises.

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