Burger for Health Cookoff (May 10th) is open for team sign-up now!

Cookoff Details

$1,150 scholarship prizes!

Join the NYSAND Centennial celebration at Lake Placid. Sign up your district team for the Grill for Goodness Burger for Health Cookoff on Wed May 10 at 4pm. All supplies will be provided. Who can enter? All ten districts! A 2-3 person team representing the district will grill a beef hamburger and earn a chance to win part of a $1150 scholarship prize for your district! Express yourself and add your delicious twist to a wholesome, classic hamburger. One team per district, please. 

When and where: High Peak Resort, Lake Placid. Wed May 10th at 4pm-5:30pm

Who can enter: Any 2-3 member team representing each NYSAND dietetic district

Cookoff: All supplies will be provided, which includes for each team -

1.5 lbs. of 90% lean ground beef and 4 whole grain burger rolls.  Each team will be supplied with a table, a table-top George Foremen grill and all utensils/plates.
NYBC will supply the market basket of ingredients and condiments – a list of items can be found here
Optional: You may bring one SECRET INGREDIENT to use in the burger (a sauce, a special topping..)

Prizes:  1st Prize: $500; 2nd Prize $300; 3rd Prize $200. Team spirit winner: $150. All teams take home the George Foreman grills, and all team participants receive a T-Shirt.

Judging: The winners are determined by a panel of judges on a 1-10 points scale. Each team cooks 4 burgers: One (1) burger will be presented on a beauty plate for display and presented to the judges.  The other three (3) burgers will be cut up and tasted by the judges. Cookoff time is 40 minutes and judging time is 20 minutes.

Criteria: The burgers will be judged on Creativity, Presentation (of the burger and presentation to the judges about your burger/team) and Taste.

The judges are friends of NYSAND representing consumers, not culinary experts! So have fun! 
Support NYSAND and the Centennial, promote your district. Sign up here before April 19th so we know how many teams will be there. Upon sign-up, all teams receive a $30 gift card towards recipe testing prior to the cookoff. You just need to bring ALL your Fun, Enthusiasm, Creativity and Cheering Friends! The team which shows the best team spirit will win the Team Spirit prize. Questions? Email cphillips@nybeef.org.



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