"Dear Mrs. O'Leary"


"Dear Mrs. O'Leary"

Is a fictitious character created by the New York Beef Council, derived from the "infamous" Mrs. O'Leary and her cow, that legend has it kicked over a lantern that started the "Great Chicago Fire of 1871", poor Mrs. O'Leary and poor "Blossom".  NYBC decided to reinvent "Mrs. O'Leary" as the "Dear Abby" of everything BEEF from the pitch fork to the dinner fork!  "Dear Mrs. O'Leary" will lend TENDER advice for all who want the TASTY answers to their BURNING BEEF questions, she doesn't want you to be #burningdownthehouse!

NYBC's "Dear Mrs. O'Leary's" persona is portrayed by beef producer Christine Walpole of Freeville, NY (pictured above) with her cow "Bertha", Christine is just our "face of Mrs. O'Leary" all questions and responses will be given by the NY Beef Council staff, based on credible sources, links will be provided when these sources of information are utilized in posts when applicable.

"Dear Mrs. O'Leary" is meant to be a fun, interactive way to give advice, wisdom and inner strength when grilling, broiling or slow cooking beef!

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