New York Beef Council Culinary Tours/Competitions 

For the past three year the New York Beef Council has worked to host culinary students from across the state on two day beef-related immersions. Over the year these tour have taken various shapes and forms and focused on either the beef or veal/dairy industry. 

Each year culinary schools are invited to attend with a handful of their most passionate and dedicated students. The farms visited and students participating each year may change, but the major objectives of these events have remained the same. 

NYBC Culinary Tours/Competitions aim to:


Promote a positive image of the beef industry through educational opportunities (tours, webinars, etc.) for foodservice sales staff, their clients and culinary students.

Promote the value of beef through the education of future culinarians and other foodservice influencers in the area of beef fabrication and applications which demonstrate profitable and economical ways to menu beef e.g. BAM cuts.

Increase the recognition of the NYBC as the source for credible beef information for the foodservice industry.

Present Beef 101 presentations for Food Service Distributors and NYS culinary schools about the beef industry, discussion of food service beef cuts and applications and explain the differences between the types and brands of beef.

Students are asked to fabricate the Rib and create a Center of the Plate item as well as an appetizer for their “mock restaurant” or similar culinary challenge. Scholarship dollars are awarded to the winning team.


We are pleased to be able to continue to provide these educational experiences for our future culinarians.  


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